Thursday, 29 November 2012

Funky Love

A couple of weeks ago we finished our Applique class.
You may get bored with me saying how much I love learning new skills, I get so excited! For me that is the main reason  for attending class. Judith always knows when I'm enjoying a particular class, as she hears squeals of delight coming from my direction.
This class was no different, especially when it came to the mitred corners in this cushion.
The joy when I actually follow the instructions and it works!!!!!!!
The needlecord I had stashed away since my Dutch days. I knew it would come in handy sometime.(Apart from making a skirt too).
The letters were scraps(soul blossoms) I had left from another cushion I had made.

Funky Love

The back


I'm trying to source some red needlecord so I can make one for Abi.
Hope you are having a great Thursday.
                           Ruth xo

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Big Kiss

Suffering from vertigo as I am at the moment, means that I am able to catch up with some sewing and work my way througth my list of stuff to do. It takes me all morning to get up and regain my balance , so since I can't drive , I can't work either.
Bad time of the year to take off I know, what with nativity plays and excitement of christmas building, so I certainly don't want to add to the stress of  a staff member fainting and going dizzy.
Anyway, since we are still in Novenber, I thought yesterday I would have a go at the big kiss for Bee Blessed.

Big fat sloppy kiss.
I really enjoyed this block. It got me thinking it was time I got busy doing Rebekah's memory quilt.
So when I have finished with Christmassy things, that is what I will do.
           Ruth xo

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Aran finish

Two years ago I started knitting myself an aran cardigan.
I was determined that I would get it finished before the year was out.
Everything else has been put to the side in order for me to focus on the grand finish.
Last week, I am proud to say I actually finished it.( yippee)
I am for the most part really pleased with it, but am a little disappointed on the length.
It could do to be a little bit longer but I have to say it will be nice and cuddly warm during these cold winter  months.
Not the best photo, but you get the idea.
In detail.


There is something very satifying about making your own things.
Now onto my next item, something for my youngest daughter. Mind you, it will be a simple , straight forward stocking stitch jumper.

Hope you are keeping warm.
                       Ruth xo

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bespoke Skirt

I don't know about you but over the years I have found it very frustrating when shopping for skirts.
a) I  can never find the style I like  and b) when I do, the waistband is always too big.
I have sewn quite a bit over the years and especially when the girls were small. However, I didn't know how to make up my own pattern.

So you can imagine my delight when Judith put on a Saturday skirt workshop.

I had some petrol blue needlecord that I had bought in Holland many years ago and knew it would make a lovely A -line skirt.
Hard at work.

Our teachers" hard at work."

Pattern piece all cut out and ready to place on fabric.

Finished A-line skirt.
The whole day was  lovely and relaxed with lots of laughter, fun and cake.
I think you will agree  the skirt looks great.
I can't wait to go out shopping and look for some more fabric . My next one will be brown to go with my brown boots.
Thanks so much to Judith and Heather  for a great workshop.
You can check out a few more of the skirts here.
It's back to porridge tomorrow, so hope you have a great week.
                      Ruth xo

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Practice makes perfect

Haven't been doing much blogging lately but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.
At our Thursday evening class, we are currently learning how to applique. Judith has taught us three different ways,  needleturn and reverse needleturn, free motion quilting  and satin stitch applique, so I have been busy practising.

Sample of reverse needleturn and needleturn.

 Sample of FMQ .


My favourite 'Satin Stitch' 
We are honing our skills by making a cushion with mitred corners. More of that in a few weeks when I get it finished.
I love learning new techniques and skills and then applying them to my own projects. 
It's been half term week here, so i've enjoyed some lovely walks kicking leaves whilst walking the dog.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

               Ruth xo