Saturday, 13 October 2012

Positively Pretty Pouches

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I blogged and it's been that long since I've been in my sewing room. Taking on extra hours at work and family life has got in the way of my sewing.
There is also another reason and that is that I started knitting an arran cardigan for myself 2yrs ago and I have promised myself I would get it finished this year, hopefully before Christmas. So I have been doing that. I am now on the right front, then the collar and button band. Here's hoping!!!!!

Last week we finished our pouch classes. It was good fun as always, although for some of us the zips got the better of us. However, we all finished triumphant. Hurrah!

Here's my selection of lovely pouches.

2 pencil cases, 2 make-up bags and 1 project pouch.

The Suffolk Puff  adds the finishing touch.

A Cath Kidston esq ,fabri.c

I enjoyed this project pouch  the most. I'll use this for my E.P.P.

Pencil case no 1.

Pencil case no 2.

Lovely ribbons bought today.

These ribbons were bought today. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them but just decided it was time to start a ribbon stash, you know for those rainy days?!
Actually got up into my sewing room today and decided to give it a tidy up; it had become a bit of a dumping ground of late.

Hope you have had a good Saturday
                            Ruth xo


  1. Those look fantastic, Ruth! Love the little fimo zip pulls on your pencil cases!

  2. What a great selection of zippy pouches, Ruth! Love your ribbon haul too, esp the buttons one.

  3. Can't beat a bit of retail therapy! Looking forward to seeing your finished cardi! Jxo


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