Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Memory Quilt

I have never been so nervous putting the washing machine on as I was today.
I have finally finished my youngest daughters quilt, sewn in memory of her Grandad.
I put four colour catchers in and hoped it would be enough.
This quilt has been six months in the making  and a steep learning curve.
I loved to see it on the line dancing in the breeze.

Every block tells a story.

It looks well on Abi's bed.

Love this Pippi block - reminds me of Abi!!!.

A very wonky house.

Love this butterfly made from Dad's Laura Ashley pillow case.

The heart of the quilt - LOVE.
It even provoked a comment from my elderly neighbour who saw it hanging there.
I brought a pile of Dad's shirts back with me in Feb, the red particularly provokes a memory as he was wearing this last May ( 2011) when he celebrated his 90th birthday.
The dress in the Pippi block was actually material I used to make a dress for Abi when she was a nipper, so something from her too.
Abi's favourite  block is the log cabin, mine is the Pippi. I wonder what yours is?
Now to start big sis's Star memory quilt. Could be awhile.

  Bye Ruth xo

Monday, 17 September 2012

Bee Blessed

A Saturday afternoon at Bee Blessed is always to be enjoyed, especially when we haven't met for a couple of months. So last Saturday was no exception.
It was lovely to see folks again and catch up with each other.  But what is most exciting is to see how the quilts are coming on.
We had a few donated ones which are gorgeous, they just needed finishing off.
Isn't this just fab.

The back is just as stunning-beautifully quilted.

Here you can see the back in more detail,using a varigated thread.
They had been quilted by Judith's friend Janette( hope I spelt it right).
I will look forward to handing this over to Judith on Thursday. I think the fuscia border finishes the quilt of nicely. My eldest daughter who does not like pink in any shape or form actually really likes this quilt. However she would change the border to a green or blue, so it's a good job she's not getting it isn't it!!!!
I'm sure that whoever gets this quilt will love it.
Hope you have had a good Monday.
                          Love Ruth xo

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Back in February my sister and I were in England attending my father's funeral. Despite it being a sad and difficult time, it gave Liz and I the opportunity to catch up. (She lives in Austria). She was doing some English Paper Piecing and I fell in love with colours,shapes and effect it gave. I remember it as a child but never tackled it.
Since then quite a few of my sewing friends have also taken it up, so I thought I would get in on the act too.
Last month my lovely, crazy sewing friend Marion(we get in trouble in class for giggling) was over at the Birmingham show and found these fantastic templates that makes the whole E.P.P experience easier.  So I thought I would show them to you.

The different templates. They can be folded in the middle to get another shape.

Cut the hexie out as per usual, but look you don't need to do as much sewing.( sorry the photo isn't very sharp, but I think you can still get the idea.)
The flip side of the hexie's.

Don't they look lovely?
I really love these reds and it set me thinking, I would love to make a quilt using E.P.P.
However ,although I love red at the moment, I don't have a lot of different fabrics. So this is when I get down on one knee and put a request out to all you lovely bloggers- If you have any RED scraps about 2 1/2"-3" square could I ask you to send them to me OR Judith.She has very kindly said that you can post them to her as most of you will no doubt have her address.
I want to keep the centre hexie a solid red, but the other 6 anything floral, checked. polka dot(my fave), vintage ect. I will connect them together with a white colour path. I think it will look stunning. What do you think?

The templates are from Hungary. Check them out on
They also have lovely wooden buttons.

Bye for now.
Ruth xo


Saturday, 8 September 2012

New sewing room

I knew that once I got back to school time would be scarce and I was right.
With my eldest daughter studying for her GCSE's this year , it was full on from the first day. Not only that, but I have taken on some extra hours in the form of a "after school club" . Consequently the first week back has been rather tiring with not much sewing done.
My lovely husband decided it was time to sort my sewing room out and create more space. so whilst the sun shone , Peter was putting shelving up and sorting out.
He has done a great job , so here's hoping I can get more energy of an evening to sew.

A make shift ironing board, but it works.

Found these shelves in the bargain basement at Ikea..

All ready for me to get cracking.

Treated myself to this magazine in town this morning. It was a little expensive, but has some great ideas.

Hope you have had a great week.
Happy sewing .
 Love Ruth xo