Saturday, 8 September 2012

New sewing room

I knew that once I got back to school time would be scarce and I was right.
With my eldest daughter studying for her GCSE's this year , it was full on from the first day. Not only that, but I have taken on some extra hours in the form of a "after school club" . Consequently the first week back has been rather tiring with not much sewing done.
My lovely husband decided it was time to sort my sewing room out and create more space. so whilst the sun shone , Peter was putting shelving up and sorting out.
He has done a great job , so here's hoping I can get more energy of an evening to sew.

A make shift ironing board, but it works.

Found these shelves in the bargain basement at Ikea..

All ready for me to get cracking.

Treated myself to this magazine in town this morning. It was a little expensive, but has some great ideas.

Hope you have had a great week.
Happy sewing .
 Love Ruth xo



  1. Looks lovely and organized - perfect for messing things up with a bit of sewing! ;)

  2. Looks like a great wee space - it's so much easier to grab a few minutes when you have a proper space that doesn't have to be all unpacked and packed away again. Happy stitching!

  3. That's all looks fab Ruth! Love the mag! X


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