Monday, 17 September 2012

Bee Blessed

A Saturday afternoon at Bee Blessed is always to be enjoyed, especially when we haven't met for a couple of months. So last Saturday was no exception.
It was lovely to see folks again and catch up with each other.  But what is most exciting is to see how the quilts are coming on.
We had a few donated ones which are gorgeous, they just needed finishing off.
Isn't this just fab.

The back is just as stunning-beautifully quilted.

Here you can see the back in more detail,using a varigated thread.
They had been quilted by Judith's friend Janette( hope I spelt it right).
I will look forward to handing this over to Judith on Thursday. I think the fuscia border finishes the quilt of nicely. My eldest daughter who does not like pink in any shape or form actually really likes this quilt. However she would change the border to a green or blue, so it's a good job she's not getting it isn't it!!!!
I'm sure that whoever gets this quilt will love it.
Hope you have had a good Monday.
                          Love Ruth xo


  1. Great to catch up with you on Saturday, Ruth! I'm in love with the quilting on this quilt.... would that I could something like that!!


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