Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Big Kiss

Suffering from vertigo as I am at the moment, means that I am able to catch up with some sewing and work my way througth my list of stuff to do. It takes me all morning to get up and regain my balance , so since I can't drive , I can't work either.
Bad time of the year to take off I know, what with nativity plays and excitement of christmas building, so I certainly don't want to add to the stress of  a staff member fainting and going dizzy.
Anyway, since we are still in Novenber, I thought yesterday I would have a go at the big kiss for Bee Blessed.

Big fat sloppy kiss.
I really enjoyed this block. It got me thinking it was time I got busy doing Rebekah's memory quilt.
So when I have finished with Christmassy things, that is what I will do.
           Ruth xo


  1. Lovely kiss block, Ruth! Hope your vertigo improves asap!

  2. Right back at ya baby!! Fab block! At least there is a silver lining to being off work! More sewing time! Jxo

  3. Love your kiss block. Sorry to hear about the vertigo, hope you recover very soon.


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