Thursday, 29 November 2012

Funky Love

A couple of weeks ago we finished our Applique class.
You may get bored with me saying how much I love learning new skills, I get so excited! For me that is the main reason  for attending class. Judith always knows when I'm enjoying a particular class, as she hears squeals of delight coming from my direction.
This class was no different, especially when it came to the mitred corners in this cushion.
The joy when I actually follow the instructions and it works!!!!!!!
The needlecord I had stashed away since my Dutch days. I knew it would come in handy sometime.(Apart from making a skirt too).
The letters were scraps(soul blossoms) I had left from another cushion I had made.

Funky Love

The back


I'm trying to source some red needlecord so I can make one for Abi.
Hope you are having a great Thursday.
                           Ruth xo


  1. S'lovely, but then you already know that. Hope you are feeling it better today. Craftswoman at Carrickfergus sell corduroy - can't vouch for colour but you could phone and ask. I got a lovely burgundy there last year and not too expensive.

  2. I was about to suggest Craftswoman, but Sarah beat me to it! This cushion would be lovely in a red colourway! It's not your favourite colour by any chance? Jxo

  3. Looks great! those fabrics give it a real vintage look!

  4. Fantastic, Ruth!! Well done!


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