Sunday, 16 December 2012

Birthdays, Buttons and Brooches.

This week I celebrated my birthday with the three people I love most in the whole wide world. My husband and two daughters.
I don't know if it's because my birthday is so close to Christmas and therefore an expensive time of the year or I'm getting older and birthdays just remind me how old I'm getting that I don't really enjoy them. Anyway, my husband  took myself and the girls out for a lovely meal. We intended on going to Nandos but ended up at Avoca where we had a lovely time sitting in a beautifully vintage atmosphere where the food was delicious.
Sorry no photos though.

This week we finished our last class of the year where we had been making buttons and brooches.
This was a really great class, learning some finishing techniques . The first class was like going back to school and playing with fimo. However, I loved this class and have put fimo on my xmas list.
Some of the fimo buttons.

Next we made Suffolk Puffs and filled it with toy stuffing.

It took more stuffing than I thought . It makes a nice brooch, don't you think?

Appliqued brooches finished of with some of my fimo buttons.

This week we finished of the course with these brooches, perfect for decorating bags or pouches.

I made these candy stick mice to give as wee gifts to my class at school. I got the idea from a Prima Christmas magazine.
Great for hanging on the tree.
With only a week before school finishes, this should be a fun week at school!
Watching a nativity play, kids performing one on Tuesday and Wednesday , party's and topping it off with the pantomime on Friday. ( Oh yes it is )
Roll on Friday.

                      Ruth xo

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  1. Oh those mice are so cute! I hope this week goes really well. You'll be ready to collapse at the end of it! Jxo


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