Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sweetie Love

One of the tricky things about learning new skills is being able to continue at home and make things on your own without the support of your class mates or your teacher.
This was my challenge this weekend when my eldest daughter requested a LOVE cushion for her youth leader who is having to give up her role as leader due to health problems.

So away we went to my favourite fabric shop and together we chose some lovely polka dots and floral fabrics.

I'm not really very good at selecting fabrics and matching colours and patterns, but with the help of the assisstant and another customer we came up with the above combination.

As I had only made the cushion once, I was a little nervous if I could repeat the mitred corners again.
I shouldn't have worried too much because Judith's instructions were as always clear and precise.

Sweetie Love.

Love the back.

It's amazing how different something can turn out depending on your colours, pattern and fabric.
I have called this one Sweetie Love.
I absolutely love it and hope the recipient will enjoy it as much as I did making it. 
I still have one more cushion to do before Christmas. Those of you who know me well will know what colour  I intend to do it in, but I wonder if you can guess what I will call it.
No prizes, just a bit of fun.
Hope you've had a sweet weekend.
Love Ruth xo

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  1. Oh this is gorgeous R! What a great pressie! I'm thinking Ruby Love for the next one?? Jxo


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