Saturday, 16 March 2013

Snail's pace

Thought I would show you  how my EPP is coming on. It's not the red and white hexies I started last year but the course I'm doing with Judith, which will turn into a wall hanging.

My points are far from perfect, but I'm learning and improving with practice.
I'm linking up with slow bloggers at knotted cotton. I am delighted to find this as sometimes I feel bad that I don't blog often enough. So I was pleased to find other bloggers feel the same.

Knotted Cotton
Today I have had another first. For Mother's day I received Paul Hollwood's book on bread. Today being a rather cold, wet , miserable sleety sort of day, I decided to have ago at making a bloomer loaf.
It took awhile and was rather sticky, but once i got into the kneading (excellent for bat wings I may add) I rather enjoyed myself. There is nothing nicer than fresh bread with butter and jam and a cup of tea.
Slightly misshapen but delicious.
Hope your weekend is going well.
Ruth xo


  1. Mmmmm, delish! Glad you got time to do something fun! Jxo

  2. I love your EPP, fabulous fabric choices. I think it will be very pretty indeed. The bread looks yummy too!

  3. Your EPP looks great - look forward to seeing it all come together. Love a bit of bloomer too. The kneading might be good for the bat wings but maybe the eating with butter and jam not so much ...

  4. Mmmm your bread looks yummy, love the posts you share. Just enjoy doing it x

  5. Looking good...I can almost smell that delicious looking bread x

  6. Can't see any problem with the points? That bread look so yummy!


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