Thursday, 28 March 2013

Catching Up

The last few days here in NI have traumatic. The Spring blizzard has caused untold damage and the farming community has been hit hard with hundreds of sheep lost to the cold.
Where I should be at the moment is outside sorting the garden out ie cutting back the raspberry canes and admiring the Spring bulbs.
What I am doing at the moment is a lot of catching up with my sewing. That's a good place to be- right.
Towards the end of term I was so tired I could hardly sew, just getting to classes was all I could manage, never mind doing anything extra.
So after a few days of relaxing at the weekend, (no packed lunches or  uniform to prepare) I was ready to get back into my sewing room.
I have set myself a challenge to get 2 quilt tops sewn together this holiday.

This is the quilt I started at the quilt party class I took last Nov/Dec. I'm making this quilt as a wedding gift to a friend and collegue who is getting married in June. I sewed the blocks and sashing together on Monday. Just the borders to do next. Not sure what colours to do, any suggestions?

I made this celtic knot block as a trial to see if I liked it enough to make a whole quilt.  I decided against it and went with the sampler quilt above. Then I was stuck with a lovely block. so I turned it into a cushion for my daughter. She loves it and think it's not bad too.
The last outstanding block  for BB.
This will be delivered to Judith tonight. Hope it's not too late.
Managed to do all this on Monday. Such a good feeling when things get finished.
Last but not least, I watched 'The Great Bitish Bake Off- easter special' on Tuesday and decided  to have a go at making Mary Berry's Easter biscuits.
My Mum used to make these too; with 6 kids they didn't last long!
I'm taking mine to class tonght to share with the group; hope they enjoy them!
 Wishing you all a Happy Easter
                                  Ruth xo


  1. I can vouch for the biscuits being really yummy! Thank you! And well done on all your productivity! Love that black & white pillow too - great way to use up an orphan block! Jxo

  2. Love the wedding quilt... Beautiful colours! If you had any of the magenta left, I'd be inclined to use that for a border.


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