Tuesday, 9 April 2013

R is for...

One of my goals over the Easter holidays was to sew together the top of my eldest daughters memory quilt. However, with only one block more to make, I was stuck. I had thought of just appliqueing a heart onto a block, but Beks wanted something else. She has tested  my sewing skills, but more to the point, she has tested my maths skills. She decided she wanted an improv letter R (Eeeek).!!!! So with graph paper, rubber and pencil in hand, I tentatively set to, planning how on earth I was going to do it.

Once I had worked out the size and remembered to add the seam allowance, I started to cut out the fabric.

I nervously started to piece the sections to-gether.
I was happy with the top half of the block; all was going well.

The second half was a little more complicated, but because I had just done a Pippi block I had a bit of an idea. I am delighted with the block and more to the point Rebekah is.
I really felt a sense of achievement doing this block because I had planned it from the beginning and worked out the measurements.The finished block measured a 12.5" square.
 With the last block in situ, all I need to do now is cut the sashing out and start sewing it together.
Easier said than done, as we are all back to the grind and returned to school yesterday. However, I am determined to get this quilt finished soon. So watch this space.
                       Ruth xo


  1. Clearly R is for Ruth. I wouldn't be giving this baby away if I were you!! How fortunate that you both have the same initial! Hee hee. This is great Ruth. Well done on the piecing measurements.

  2. Wow! The 'R' block turned out really well, and the quilt top as a whoe is just gorgeous! Well done!

  3. Brilliant improv R! The blocks look so good altogether! Jxo

  4. Hi Ruth,

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    Hope you do!


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