Friday, 31 August 2012


I really am very lucky because not only do I have a great patchwork teacher ( you can pay me later J) but she has an uber talented daughter who does wonderful things with fimo.
Look at these lovely phone charms and pin toppers.
I could just eat these cupcakes.

Russian Dolls -so cute!!!


I couldn't resist these pin toppers. Anyone for tea?


If you want to see more of Shannon's fabulous fimo fancies then check out her etsy shop:
You will seriously be tempted, so be warned.!!!
 Ruth xo


  1. These are lovely. I succumbed to the wee red Russian doll charm too (and possibly a few others - ssh, don't tell!

  2. So glad you like these. Btw, I couldn't reply to your last comment on my blog as you are showing as a 'no reply comment blogger'. You need to change the default settings in design, but there is a great tutorial here on how to do that, which you may find helpful:


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