Sunday, 3 February 2013

LONG time no see

It's been awhile I know, but I actually fell out with blogging. I think I had just got run down over Christmas and struggled to download some photos. I'm not very confident when it comes to blogging and have to make sure my husband or daughter is close at hand.  I've managed to keep up with everyone though and have enjoyed a bit of blog hopping.

I have been busy so I thought I'd let you see what I've done over Christmas.

All stars!!
This is a selection of star blocks I have been working on for my eldest daughters memory quilt.
I have 4 more to do then I can piece it with sashing, border and backing. Not sure when it will get finished but it's one of my aims for 2013.!!!!

Made this cushion for my youngest daughter.
I love the colours in this cushion, they match her bedrom beautifully. I surprised myself how much I enjoyed doing the mitred corners; now I'm a real fan of them. I love the finish they give!

It's a slow  process, but I managed to do some more E.P.P.

Quickest jumper I have ever knit!!!
I knit this jumper for Abi over Christmas. The wool was from my favourite online wool shop, Deramores.
The wool is Wendy Mode Chunky, colour Moorland.
Easy care wool and great to knit with!
The start of sample quilt for my friends wedding pressie.
This quilt will be made up of  blocks I am making at Judith's class, How to design,calculate and make your own Quilt/Block Party. The first class was spent calculating how much fabric we would need. I was so glad to move onto actual sewing the following week. Maths not being my strongest subject, but a necessary evil.
So as you can see my machine and I have been busy.
 Hope you are keeping healthy.
               Love Ruth xo


  1. Nice to have you back Ruth. You've been busy and hopefully having fun with all your gorgeous makes. Your stars and pinwheels are lovely and that jumper is amazing! Great sampler blocks too - isn't it fun to experiment with different blocks?

  2. Hi Ruth, I'm loving your work, especially those hexies, they look perfect! I'm trying to get my blogging mojo up and running...I'm just terribly bad at finishing projects. Hope you got your aromas blind finished! :)

  3. Really need to reread my post before publishing! Should say "Roman" blind!

  4. A great round up R! Fabulous jumper for Abs! Jxo

  5. Lovely makes, Ruth!mi especially like the lovely hexies and the knitted sweater!

  6. Looking good Ruth, you have been busy.

  7. Loving all your hard work!! I'm sure u had no time to do anything else!


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