Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Crafty sisters

This morning was spent at the swimming pool with the girls. Rebekah is doing her Duke of Edinburgh, as part of the physical she has to go swimming for 12 wks. We decided to cram it into the Summer hols. She only has 3hrs left to do. So nearly there.

This afternoon we decided to do some crafting. Abi did some scrapbooking and Rebekah was on the sewing machine.
Rebekah sewing a notebook cover.

Alfie "helping" Abi with her  scrapbooking.

Rebekah's finished cover, Well done Beks!

Thanks girls for a lovely afternoon.

Hope you are enjoying making your latest project.
Bye for now
Ruth xo 


  1. You're an inspiration for your girls! Well done on finally getting one onto the sewing machine! Jxo

  2. Oh Rebekah is brilliant!! I bet the scrapbooking was fun too xx


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