Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dutch Stash

Last weekend my husband and eldest daughter went to visit relatives in Holland.
They thoroughly enjoyed the cycling, beautiful warm weather and boat ride in Amterdam.

They visited the sewing shop I used to frequent and bought some lovely material back for me.

 I lived in Holland for 6 yrs before moving to London and subsequently to Belfast.
It is whilst living in Holland I picked up my sewing again and learnt some great tips. The Dutch are great seamstresses and have an amazing choice of materials and haberdashery.

Lovely Dutch material, all for me.

Buttons, buttons and more buttons.

Lots of cotton threads and bikes.
So much to choose from. I think it's about time I went back for a visit and take an empty suitcase with me. Mind you, I'm so indescisive, I wouldn't know what to buy.

   Ruth xo


  1. I'm sure you could decide on a few anyway - what a fab looking shop!

  2. It's really nice when someone in your family is away and brings you back fabric from there.


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