Friday, 31 August 2012


I really am very lucky because not only do I have a great patchwork teacher ( you can pay me later J) but she has an uber talented daughter who does wonderful things with fimo.
Look at these lovely phone charms and pin toppers.
I could just eat these cupcakes.

Russian Dolls -so cute!!!


I couldn't resist these pin toppers. Anyone for tea?


If you want to see more of Shannon's fabulous fimo fancies then check out her etsy shop:
You will seriously be tempted, so be warned.!!!
 Ruth xo

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dutch Stash

Last weekend my husband and eldest daughter went to visit relatives in Holland.
They thoroughly enjoyed the cycling, beautiful warm weather and boat ride in Amterdam.

They visited the sewing shop I used to frequent and bought some lovely material back for me.

 I lived in Holland for 6 yrs before moving to London and subsequently to Belfast.
It is whilst living in Holland I picked up my sewing again and learnt some great tips. The Dutch are great seamstresses and have an amazing choice of materials and haberdashery.

Lovely Dutch material, all for me.

Buttons, buttons and more buttons.

Lots of cotton threads and bikes.
So much to choose from. I think it's about time I went back for a visit and take an empty suitcase with me. Mind you, I'm so indescisive, I wouldn't know what to buy.

   Ruth xo

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Xmas in August !!!!

After a very frustrating week in the quilting department (tried some FMQ and unpicked it numerous times) I had a lovely day at Judith's workshop making Christmas goodies. You could either make Christmas gifts or make something Christmassy.  There is a difference.!!!

There was no Christmas music to be heard ( now that would really be too early), only the hum and whirr of sewing machines working their magic. It was lovely , peaceful and relaxing.(Not sure if that is how you spell hum and whirr, but you get the gist).

I took my camera , and was proud of myself that I was so organised and had remembered. Only I wasn't. I prepared to take some photos only to find I had no batteries. ( My husband had taken them out to recharge and hadn't replaced them and I hadn't thought to check.-silly me!)

Love this Crazy Patch Stocking-It's not quite finished, have the other side to do,but you get the idea.

Love this Harlequin effect stocking.

One of the girls has already claimed it.

Just to remind you there are only 17 weeks till Christmas!!!
You better get busy, it'll be here before you know it. Ho,ho,ho.

                                                        Ruth xo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Crafty sisters

This morning was spent at the swimming pool with the girls. Rebekah is doing her Duke of Edinburgh, as part of the physical she has to go swimming for 12 wks. We decided to cram it into the Summer hols. She only has 3hrs left to do. So nearly there.

This afternoon we decided to do some crafting. Abi did some scrapbooking and Rebekah was on the sewing machine.
Rebekah sewing a notebook cover.

Alfie "helping" Abi with her  scrapbooking.

Rebekah's finished cover, Well done Beks!

Thanks girls for a lovely afternoon.

Hope you are enjoying making your latest project.
Bye for now
Ruth xo 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Favourite Things

Surprise, surprise we've had a beautiful day here in Belfast, the sun has been shining. "Wow, what's special about that", I hear you say. Well, if you lived in Belfast you would understand my excitement.

Anyway it's put me in a good mood.!!!
I had a lovely afternoon visiting one of my sewing buddies who has recently had an operation. Get well soon Fi, look forward to seeing you in class soon.

I thought I would show you some of my favourite stash. I've been collecting it for awhile, but as yet have no projects planned for them. To be truthful, I just can't bare to cut into some of them . I love them so much. I know when the right project comes along I will have no problem.

Xmas FQ's to be sewn into stockings.

Found these in local shop and loved them.

Something else for Xmas.

Love these hues of blue from Holland.

Couldn't resist this layer cake.

Hope you like my stash, any suggestions about what to make with them will be greatly appreciated.

Bye for now

 Ruth xo

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Setting Out

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog.I have spent the afternoon with my dear friend and sewing teacher Judith. She is responsible for introducing me to the blogging world. She has instructed me well but unfortunately where computers are concerned I am a slow learner.  So bare with me as I get up and running. These are just a couple of things I have made over the last few months.
Wonky Star Cushion.
Value Quilt
I love all things crafty - knitting, embroidery, card making and sewing. However, it wasn't until last Autumn that I got involved in patchwork and quilting. Since then I have become addicted.

I hope you enjoy my blogging and the things I make and  laugh with me and cry with me.

I'm going to enjoy the closing ceremony of the Olympic games to-night. Hope you have a great evening whatever you're doing.

                                    Ruth xo